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Microelement water soluble fertilizer

basic information


Microelement water soluble fertilizer:Gu+Fe+Mn+Zn>=100g/L


Microelements are essential nutrients for plant growth and have irreplaceable physiological functions in biological metabolism.

1. AS components and activators of certain enzymes,promoting photosynthesis, chlorophyll and protein synthesis,AS components and activators of certain enzymes.

2. Promoting plant robust growth, root system development, increasing fruit set rates. Reduce diseased fruit and malformed fruit.

3. Enhancing crops resistance to certain diseases.

4. Balanced nutrition and increased yield, especially in old orchards and continuous cropping crops.

5. Improving fruits quality, increasing fruits sweetness, making fruits surface smooth,  fruits resistance to transportation and store ,and improving fruits commodity quality.

6. Full nutrition, full speed solution, high purity, safe use and high utilization rate.



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