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Microbial microbial fertilizer.

basic information

Microbial microbial fertilizer.


Effective living bacteria number>=200 million /ml.

Strain:Bacillus subtilis.


1. Prevention and control of soil-borne diseases.

Supplementing the beneficial microorganism, competing with the pathogenic microorganism in the nutrition and space, and producing  Bacillus subtilis and lysoprotein and so on to inhibit the growth of the pathogen, so as to control the occurrence of soil-borne diseases such as root rot, wilt, sudden fall, gray mould etc.

2. Promoting roots growth and enhancing diseases resistance.

Secreting organic acids to promote roots growth, strengthen crop growth.

3.Activating crop's own disease defense system and reducing diseases.

Improving micro-ecological environment, degrading organic matter and phytate in soil, increasing soil porosity, improving soil aggregate structure,  improving soil water and fertilizer conservation capacity.

3. Improving the effect of fertilizers.

Enhancing roots activity ; Transforming soil nutrients(fixating nitrogen, solubilizing phosphate and potassium) ; Improving fertilizers efficiency.


1. Dipping root: 30-50 times liquid, used before transplanting.

2. Drip irrigation or irrigation: diluted 300-500 times, and 2-5 kg per mu.

3. Root irrigation: 300-500 times diluted, 3-5 kilograms per mu.

4. Spray: 300-500 times the dilution, and the page is evenly sprayed.


Citrus,peppers,tomatoes,cucumbers,beans,potatoes,pseudo-ginseng and other cash crops.




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